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The European Business and Innovation Centre of Burgos (CEEI-Burgos) is a non for profit organisation formed in 1994 by the following partners: City Council of Burgos and the Provincial  Government of Burgos.


CEEI-Burgos is an active member of the European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), working also under ESINET framework (European Space Agency Business Incubation programme). CEEI-Burgos is member of other organisations such as ANCES (National Association of Spanish BICs) and PAIT (Spanish official network for creation of new companies).


Main services offered by CEEI-Burgos are the following:

* Incubation facilities: 4.981 m2.

* Entrepreneurs and consultancy services (business plan, feasibility study, advising and mentoring).

* Microfinance management.

* Regional, rural and local development.

* Investment readiness and funding.

* Social economy promotion.

* EXPLORER centre (http://explorerbyx.org/burgos-space/)


CEEI-Burgos has a broad experience, both co-ordinating and partnering, in European projects, including interregional cooperation and structural fund financed ones such Interreg Europe (Bridges and ATM for SMEs), COSME (CAST and DEFINE), Erasmus + (Ambition to Employ, Cluster4Smart, Visconti, Open up entrepreneurship, Uppscience, EntreTOY and EntreVET), Interreg IVC (Project DIFASS), Interreg IVB SUDOE (Project CYBERSUDOE and CYBERSUDOE’INNOV), FP7 (Project DIGIBIC), Leonardo (Project DIALE, DIAMEE, INSPIRE, TOY-VET and E-Guide SWH&S), H2020 (Invest Horizon, ACE Creative), Inter-A(Interact), Duero-Douro Programme (Interreg IIIB), E-TIC (Regional Government of Castilla y Leon, ERDF), Core Business, Resinbuil, Biobusiness, Probio (Intelligent Ennergy), Hidrosolar21(LIFE). Several projects also carried out under AL-Invest, and Asia-Invest schemes.

Institutional profile
CEEI Burgos is an Incubator and Business Centre that provides assistance by supporting and implementing business projects emerging from the entrepreneurial spirit of the citizens of Burgos, whether they involve companies or self-employed people. It was founded in 1994 as a tool that specializes in local development under the model, quality criteria and sponsorship of the European Commission, and promoted by regional and local organisations and institutions with a strong commitment to boost the social and economic development of Burgos
Type of Organizatione
Business Incubator
Products & Services provided
Financial: Business microloans
Non-financial: Entrepreneurship training, mentoring
Gross Loan Portfolio
EUR 1,097,354.88 (As of June 2017)
Number of clients
59 (As of June 2017)
Target Audience
Rural population, Urban Population
Organization Website

Information about Project Partner

Working with entrepreneurs and enterprises. Development of microfinances project in the province of Burgos with SODEBUR. Mentoring, coaching and training.  Promotion of Burgos industry.

SMEs and entrepreneurs from Burgos province and surrounding areas

Lessons Learned

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