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„The mission of the Marshal’s Office is to achieve innovative, professional as well as efficient and citizen-friendly public administration, which implements the policy of the region effectively within the framework of social and economic development in order to improve the quality of life of the Świętokrzyskie Region citizens


The Świętokrzyskie Region is placed in a specific point on a geographical, historic and economic map of Poland. The location is at the intersection of important communication routes, not far from the largest Polish agglomerations and airports: Warszawa, Kraków, Łódź, Katowice and close to the Slovakian and Ukrainian border. The Świętokrzyskie Region’s territory is 11 672 km2. The population is 1 328 000. It is divided into 102 communes and 14 districts. The capital of the region is the city of Kielce, located in the heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains and it is the main centre of business and tourism for the Świętokrzyskie Region.


The Marshal’s Office (UMWŚ) was established in 1999 as a regional government unit. Its competences include overall regional development, UE funds distribution for the whole region, transnational and transregional cooperation, development of SME`s, innovation, tourism, human capital development, infrastructural development etc. The Marshal`s Office closely cooperates with European and national experts, regional universities and other institutions within its scope of competences.


One division, the Regional Office of Świętokrzyskie Region in Brussels, operating within the framework of the Regional Policy Department, is directly engaged in the ATM for SME`s Project. The Office in Brussels is responsible for creating a platform of cooperation with all EU institutions in many aspects crucial for the region, i.e. new financial perspectives, EU regulations, strategies, policies, entrepreneurship support, thematic meetings, study visits, conferences as well as other activities important from an economical development point of view.

Institutional profile PORA regional development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County is the project partner of the ATM for SME’s project.
Type of Organizatione Public institution
Country Croatia
Products & Services provided
Non-Financial: information on the possibilities of using EU funds, training of stakeholders on the preparation and implementation of EU projects, as well as the preparation and implementation of projects co-financed from national sources and EU funds, implementation of programs and projects supporting the development of entrepreneurship and investment, active participation in the creation and development of projects aimed at the development of entrepreneurship
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Target Audience rural population, urban population, municipalities
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The vision of the Marshal Office is:

”to manage public institutions in an innovative manner to set standards for quality and effective activities meeting the needs and expectations of the society in the Świętokrzyskie Region”


Świętokrzyskie is responsible for creating regional policies, regional development, representing regional interests, foreign affairs, generating regional strategies, coordinating European Union funds and managing the Regional Operational Programme, etc. Currently, the Marshal`s Office (UMWŚ) manages its own Regional Operational Program of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship for the years 2014-2020. Świętokrzyskie is responsible for creating network and partnership with local and regional institutions together with city and other local public administration. As a managing authority for ROP WŚ 2014-2020 it shapes the regional policy, defines the directions and coordinates contracted EU funds in the region. It also monitors and controls the process of implementation of financial programmes and defines the directions through the tools such as: Development Strategy for the Świętokrzyskie Region 2020+ or Research and Innovation Strategy (RIS) – managed by the Regional Policy Department within the scope of the Marshal`s Office.


The Regional Operational Programme of the Świętokrzyskie Region for the years 2014-2020 is a regional tool, which allows them to support particular areas in the region, especially those which need reinforcement. Within the framework of the above-mentioned tool Świętokrzyskie provided great support to improve the social & economic situation. There are different actions planned to improve social outreach, i.e. in Priority Axis 2. Competitive Economy, within the scope of the European Regional Development Fund as well as Priority Axis 9, within the scope of the European Social Fund: Social inclusion and poverty reduction, and Priority Axis  10, Open labour market.

The Regional Loan Fund and Regional Guarantee Fund also play a significant role. Among others, their activities provide financial instruments: loans and collaterals for regional entrepreneurs, especially dedicated to those with limited access to microfinance.  Those and other reginal business support organizations, i.e. National Association for Entrepreneurship Support in Końskie (KWSP) or Centre for Business Support in Sandomierz, provide numerous services for local entrepreneurship, initiate and stimulate job-creation, startups and improve social entrepreneurship.

Lessons Learned

The ATM FOR SME`s project has succeeded in influencing our policy instrument, which is the Regional Operational Programme of Świętokrzyskie Region 2014-2020.

As a result of the project meetings, conversations, study visits and lessons learned, our policy instrument was analysed once again. Also in the „European Good Practices: ATM for SME`s Interreg Project`s Experiences” there are a lot of cases which guide and provide an overview of the initiatives which can be successfully put into practice and implemented in European regions.

Following the experiences from other project partners i.e. Italy (which is also the managing authority of their Reginal Operational Programme in Sardegna) or Hungary (that gives good practices in the area of supporting the SME sector), Świętokrzyskie Region as a managing authority of ROP WŚ 2014-2020 saw the need to support the SME sector, which generates positive economic development and innovations in our region.

That is why at the beginning of 2018 we decided to modify the ROP ŚR 2014 – 2020, and precisely defined our need which was: reallocate funds between particular actions and transfer more money from Measure 2.3 Creating new business models of świętokrzyskie entrepreneurs into Measure 2.6 Repayable Instruments for SME`s.

The amount of money transferred was: 11 500 000 Euro and the purpose of that was to dedicate more capital for financial instruments aiming to support the development of the SME sector. The process of the change was  complex as it engaged many institutions: the Marshal’s Office of Swietokrzyskie Region in Kielce (at regional level), the Ministry of Investment and Development (at national level) and the European Commission (at European level).  After a long process of discussions, we finally received the approval of all the institutions and in September 2018 we had our ROP ŚR 2014 – 2020 changed.

Moreover, in our Regional Action Plan for the Świętokrzyskie Region we assumed more initiatives, also as a result of the ATM for SME`s project,  which will improve the świętokrzyskie policy instrument in order to support microfinance and the situation in regional entrepreneurship.

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Lessons Learned

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