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The Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion was founded in 1992 in Zala county with the contribution of the Local Government of Zala County as a sole founder.

The objectives set at the establishment of the Foundation have not changed basically in the last few years:

Fostering economic development in Zala county, supporting the formation, survival and the growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, an enterprise promotion office network self-supported in the long run i.e. the operation of a central office and county sub-offices, which are of assistance to the entrepreneurs in the county with high-standard, adequate and accessible services and projects.

Its primary objective is the improvement of entrepreneurial culture.


The original goals of the foundation have not changed essentially throughout the years: to facilitate the development of Zala County’s economy, to promote the establishment, survival and growth of micro small and middle enterprises and to set up a self-sustaining office-network for enterprise promotion with a central office and several sub-offices to provide local entrepreneurs with high quality, sufficient and available services and projects.

By involving SMEs in EU market processes, innovation, partnership, clusters and other forms of networking and by increased financing, ZMVA provides further development for the economy of Zala County and the Region through a better operation of SMEs and their increasing national and EU participation. The strategy takes notice that there are many economy boosting organizations: profit-oriented, nonprofit and government organizations, all of which ZMVA considers its cooperating partners. Chambers, entrepreneurial strategic and representative bodies, industrial and innovative parks, clusters, regional and local development agencies, institutions of education and employment, municipalities and their associates are involved in the cooperation. ZMVA also assists SMEs with continuous information, advice, business partnership intermediation, soft loans, coordination, submission and awarding of mutual applications, writing applications, subcontract jobs, persistent harmonization of available resources and work sharing. In this process ZMVA aims to take an initiating and cooperating role, similarly to the practice of the past years.


Priority Programs:


Enterprise Europe Network:

As a member of the biggest enterprise promotion network of the world (54 countries, 600 organizations) we assist the international partnerships, research-development and innovation activities (R+D+I) and access to finance of small- and medium-sized business enterprises.


Microcredit program:

We have placed 2800 microcredits worth 8.1 billion HUF since the beginning. At present we have a credit portfolio of 700 in a value of 2.8 billion HUF. Maximum credit is 10 million HUF while the average value is 4 million HUF. We are the members of the Hungarian and the European Microfinancing Network (EMN).


Operating Incubator Houses:

The Incubator House program founded in Zala County in 1995 – provides discount rent rates for offices and related enterprise promotional services for micro-, and small business enterprises in the towns of Zalaegerszeg, Lenti and Zalaszentgrót.


Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster:

The creation of this regional wood and furniture industry cluster assists the network collaboration of small and medium-sized business enterprises working in the wood- and furniture industries in the county and the region. We play an active part in this process, we coordinate foreign contacts and project participation.

Institutional profile
Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (ZMVA) has been established by the Zalaegerszeg County Self-government, as its sole founder in 1992. Its objective is to promote the economic development of Zalaegerszeg County, to support the establishment, survival and first of all the growth of micro and small enterprises by operating a central promotion office and a county-level sub-office network
Type of Organizatione
NGO - Foundation
Products & Services provided
Financial: Business microloans.
Non-financial: Mentoring and Coaching
Gross Loan Portfolio
EUR 5,104,779 (1.608.005.445 HUF, Dec 2018)
Number of clients
475 (Business microloans, Dec 2018)
Target Audience
Unemployed people or people on welfare, Youth, Micro and Small enterprises
Organization Website

Information about Project Partner

  • Improvement of entrepreneurial culture
  • Business development
  • Promote the establishment, survival and growth of micro small and middle enterprises
  • Set up a self-sustaining office-network for enterprise promotion with a central office and several sub-offices to provide local entrepreneurs with high quality, sufficient and available services and projects
  • Financing (Microcredit, Széchenyi Card)
  • Counselling (Business, Marketing, Innovation, Start-up, Legal)
  • Trainings, events, lectures
  • International SME projects
  • Business partner search
  • Cluster cooperation
  • Investment- and export promotion

Facilitate to become a supplier

ZMVA support and give mentoring services to young entrepreneurs, unemployed people and inactive population, female entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

Lessons Learned

Through the interregional learning process, the partner will gather experience in the field business development by learning tools and methods for development of future oriented, marketable economic activities.

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Lessons Learned

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